Fisher & Paykel Perfect Pair Bonus Rebate

Receive a 10% rebate off your total purchase price when you purchase an eligible Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine & Dryer

in a single transaction between 01 July 2016 - 31 October 2016.

Redemptions close 31 January 2017 after which no further claims will be accepted.

Eligible Models

Purchase one Top Load washer 8kg capacity or above OR one Front Load washer model excluding model WH7560J1/2 PLUS One dryer (vented or condenser) 6kg capacity from the below list: 10% Rebate off your total purchase price
Front Loader Washing Machines WashSmart™ 7.5kg washer WH7560P1
WashSmart™ 7.5kg washer WH7560P2
FabricSmart™ 8kg washer WH8060F1
WashSmart™ 8kg washer WH8060P1
WashSmart™ 8kg washer WH8060P2
FabricSmart™ 8.5kg washer WH8560F1
QuickSmart™ 8.5kg washer WH8560J1
QuickSmart™ 8.5kg washer WH8560J2
WashSmart™ 8.5kg washer WH8560P1
WashSmart™ 8.5kg washer WH8560P2
Top Loader Washing Machines WashSmart™ 10kg washer WA1068G1
FabricSmart™ 10kg washer WA1068P1
WashSmart™ Eco 8kg washer WA8060E1
WashSmart™ 8kg washer WA8060G1
FabricSmart™ 8kg washer WA8060P1
WashSmart™ Eco 8.5kg washer WA8560E1
WashSmart™ 8.5kg washer WA8560G1
FabricSmart™ 8.5kg washer WA8560P1
CleanSmart™ 10kg washer WL1068P1
CleanSmart™ 8kg washer WL8060P1
Dryers 6kg Vented Dryer DE6060G1
6kg Vented Dryer DE6060P1
8kg Condenser Dryer DE8060P2
8kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer DH8060P1

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