Youngcare Christmas Appeal
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Unlocking the opportunity for young people with high care needs to live fulfilling lives that are truly their own.
Every year Youngcare does a Christmas Appeal to get donors in the spirit of giving and give the gift of freedom to young people with high care needs. This Year, Betta is donating $10 to Youngcare for each customer purchase of Electrolux, Kelvinator, Simpson and Westinghouse Washers and Fridges.
Together we can make a difference
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WE’LL DONATE $10 WITH YOUR WASHER PURCHASE Purchase a participating, Electrolux or Simpson Washer and we’ll donate $10 to Youngcare.
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WE’LL DONATE $10 WITH YOUR FRIDGE PURCHASE Purchase a participating, Electrolux, Kelvinator, or Westinghouse Fridge and we’ll donate $10 to Youngcare.
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DONATE DIRECTLY Not in the market for a new Washer or Fridge? You can still help out by donating directly to Youngcare!
Jason’s Story with Youngcare
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What donors feel is only a small contribution can make such a massive difference to a person with high care needs. A small donation can go such a long way.
Jason is a 33 year old man with Cerebral Palsy. Although Jason’s physical impairment can be quite restricting, intellectually Jason has no impairment at all; studying Psychology and being very involved in the community. For three years, Jason has had a dislocated right hip that is very painful and has restricted his ability to socialise with his friends and family. 90% of his day was spent in bed as laying down eases the pain. Jason received an At Home Care Grant for a new Electric Wheelchair with tilt space, recline and leg rest elevation so Jason can lie down in his chair when out and about. This small addition to Jason’s life made all the difference. His social life has returned and his pain has majorly decreased. He is able to get out of his bed and live life in his community like any 30 year old would.
About Youngcare

Youngcare is a not-for-profit organisation spearheading powerful and positive change to create a future where every young person has the freedom, dignity and choice to live the lives we all deserve.

Too many young Australians are being left behind in inappropriate and unacceptable housing due to the critical shortage of age-appropriate housing for young people with high care needs. Youngcare is boldly tackling this national issue by acting as the conduit for industry, government and community to work together to bring much-needed change to the disability housing sector. The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will enable Youngcare to further enhance our impact in the disability sector.

For 12 years, we have been fighting to make a difference in the lives of young people with high care needs and the loved ones who care for them. Our fight continues.

Shop Fridges & Washers
Purchase a Electrolux, Kelvinator, Westinghouse or Simpson Fridge or Washer and we will donate $10 per purchase to Youngcare. Valid until 1/10/17- 31/12/17
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