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Fighting for freedom of choice for young people with high care needs and their loved ones.

Too many young Australians with high care needs are being left behind, living inappropriate accommodation that is not suitable for their age. Youngecare is tackling this national issue. Think. Donate. Change a life. Consider what it might be like for the 12,000 young Australians living in a hospital or aged care. That is no way for any young person to live. All it takes is a simple act of kindness to change a life. Donate today.

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Every year, Betta participates in Youngcare's Tax Time donations, and Christmas appeal. As of March 2019, Betta has donated $250,000

Emily & Michelle's Story with Youngcare

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“My dream for Emily is certainly for her to live independently within a community, with likeminded peers around her, in a good environment, to have a place that she calls her own, to continue to smile and to strive” Michelle - Emily's Mother.

Michelle is a single mother to 2 daughters, and is Emily's sole carer. “We learnt about AS and the devastation of what your child is not going to do. Sadly that’s always what they tell you upfront, they always tell you the negatives rather than what their abilities can be, which is just gut wrenching.” Michelle says she has always felt torn between trying to please both of her daughters. "It’s taken Zoe’s childhood away and I think that’s what hurts me the most. But we work through it; I try to do the best that I can.” Michelle applied to the AHCG to fill the void they had in their lives when trying to create a happy medium between her two girls, "I like to create those memories, like going out on weekends, but I needed an extra person to help me make those memories”. The support from Youngcare has given Michelle the best of both worlds. With the balance between inclusions as a family and support worker assistance, Michelle has been given the freedom to do things exclusively with Zoe, and this has also enabled someone to take care of Emily during this time. “It’s grown the bond between Zoe and I and also between Emily and Zoe as well, because she doesn’t always have her sister under her nose.” Thanks to Youngcare's support, Michelle has been able to gain much needed assistance in her care for her daughter's. “You reach total exhaustion and burnout. You’ve been amazingly supportive, I feel really grateful.” “I just think you guys are amazing, I just can’t – you’re a lifeline.”Youngcare provides a break from reality; a chance to live a fulfilled and beautiful life…Youngcare provides these angels with their wings so they can soar through life.

About Youngcare

Youngcare is a not-for-profit organisation spearheading powerful and positive change to create a future where every young person has the freedom, dignity and choice to live the lives we all deserve..

Too many young Australians with high care needs are being left behind living in inappropriate and unacceptable housing. These young people deserve the freedom to choose where they live, who they live with and how they live their lives— and it’s up to all of us to make sure that happens.

For 13 years, we have been fighting to make a difference in the lives of young people with high care needs and the loved ones who care for them. Our fight continues.

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