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Simplifying the lives of everyday Australians

Sunbeam is a leader in small appliances including mixers, espresso coffee machines, food processors, kettles, toasters, blenders, juicers and many more.

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About Sunbeam

Sunbeam has been simplifying the lives of everyday Australians for over 100 years.

Through cutting-edge innovation and intelligent design, Sunbeam aims to make doing those everyday things so much simpler. Sunbeam is committed to simple, sophisticated and elegant design.
Compact Ovens
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Pizza Bake & Grill

With this oven, you can bake pizza, roast meat, grill delicious meals and toast bread. It comes with temperature control, cooking settings, an adjustable rack, and a timer.

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NutriOven Convection Oven

The Sunbeam NutriOven Convection Oven incorporates an inbuilt fan for convection heat and a pre-wash cycle for the 11 litre capacity bowl, guaranteeing your family stress-free cooking and cleaning.

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Mini Bake & Grill

The Sunbeam Mini Bake & Grill is the perfect cooking appliance for a small kitchen. It is a bench top oven that can grill, toast, roast and bake a variety of meals and treats for one or two to enjoy.

Sunbeam Pie Maker

Features of the Pie Magic Traditional Size 4 Up


Easily cut the large round bases and smaller tops from ready rolled or home-made pastry for perfect shaped pies.


This pie maker has non-stick plates, which can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth.


This pie maker has extra deep base and top plate to make 4 large pies with extra filling. The crimper seal locks in these delicious fillings.

Traditional Home-Made Pies

The Sunbeam PM4800 Pie Magic® Traditional Size 4 Up lets you serve 4 home-baked pies at once. With easy-to-clean non-stick plates and an included pastry cutter, you can produce pies so perfect, you just might have to break up with your favourite bakery. Simply use pastry and any pre-cooked filling to create any style of pie. This appliance is perfect for lunches, meals or generous desserts.

Shopping at Betta

You can purchase the Sunbeam PM4800
Pie Magic® Traditional Size 4 Up from Betta Home Living.

Sandwich Presses
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Compact Café Grill

With the café-quality sandwich press at home you can make your own gourmet toasted sandwiches. The top plate is ribbed so is ideal for BBQ grilling, creating authentic grill marks on your meats and toasted snacks.

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Big Fill Toastie for 4

With deeper and larger plates to fit 50% more filling and larger bread slices, the Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie for 4 fits the extra filling you always want in your toastie.

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2 Slice Café Press Brushed

The non-stick coating on this toaster allows for the easy release of food. While the floating hinge applies even pressure to both sides of your food so you can melt cheese and stop your sandwich from flattening.

SecretChef Electronic Sear and Slow Cooker
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Duraceramic Skillet

A perfect cooking size for 2, this skillet allows you faster cooking through its Duraceramic scratch resistant coating, making it stain resistant and easy to clean.

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Slow Cooker

This cooker has multiple functions to make it a versatile kitchen companion. This cooker has 3 settings for sautéing, searing and frying, making one pan meals easy.

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Food Steamer

With a 3 tier stackable system, you can cook poultry, fish, vegetables and up to six cups of rice at the same time.

Shopping at Betta

With over 170 stores Australia wide, your local Betta store is the trusted destination for Sunbeam products. The local Betta store team will give you real service and local advice, as the people who run your store own it. So whether you choose to shop online or in-store, you’re helping your local community.

Don’t forget, we can also help with delivery, installation and removal of your old appliances.

Shop in-store

Visit your local Betta store to shop Sunbeam Products.

Pay your way

We offer flexible payment options that allow you to take your goods home straight away, and pay for them over time.

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