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Family fun in the Kitchen this Easter

Everybody loves to indulge in a bit of chocolate around Easter time – the little ones especially! Which is why we have put together the following Betta Advice Guide, filled with fun and simple recipe ideas for the whole family to enjoy over the Easter holidays!


Easter School Holidays

Cooking, baking and creating – three great ways to keep the family occupied this Easter! Together with 4 ingredient’s Kim McCosker, we have developed two fantastic recipe ideas that will serve as fun holiday activities for the children. The first is an Easter Bunny Cake and the second is an M&M slice with an added Easter surprise! So whip out your aprons, bench mixer, and blender these school holidays and get ready to cook, bake and create!

Easter Bunny Cake

What child wouldn’t enjoy decorating a cake to look like the Easter bunny? This is a fun, simple idea that will get your family excited about being in the kitchen this Easter.

What you will need:

- Ingredients for 1,1,1,1/2 Cake

- Ingredients for cake decorations

- Round baking tin

- Bench mixer

- Hand Held Mixer

1,1,1,1/2 Cake

The first thing you will need to do for Easter Bunny Cake is bake the 1,1,1,1/2 cake. This cake is quite easily one of the simplest cakes to make. Not to mention – it’s simply delicious and full of coconut flavour!


1 cup desiccated coconut | 1 cup coconut milk | 1 cup self-raising flour | ½ cup caster sugar


1. Preheat oven 180ºC.

2. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix.

3. Line a round tin with baking paper (otherwise lightly grease and dust with extra flour).

4. Pour in the mixture.

5. Bake for 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted removes clean.

6. Turn out onto a cooling rack and leave to cool completely, before icing.

Download the recipe here  

Watch the 1,1,1,1/2 Cake Recipe Video here

Our Be a Betta Cook ambassador, Kim McCosker, created this 4 ingredient recipe. With its simple and straightforward method, it makes it easy for the children to get involved in the kitchen! 

Rosewater Buttercream Frosting

After preparing the 1,1,1,1/2 cake, it’s time for the frosting! Our Be a Betta Cook ambassador, Kim McCosker, is also responsible for creating this simple 4 ingredient recipe!


½ cup (115g) softened butter | 2 teaspoons rosewater essence | 3 to 4 drops rose colouring |1½ cups icing sugar


1. Using electric beaters, beat the butter in the bowl until pale and creamy.

2. Add rosewater and colouring and a spoonful of icing sugar, then beat until combined. Continue adding spoonfuls of sugar gradually, beating well after each additional, until mixture is smooth and creamy.

3. Spread the delicious icing evenly over the round cake .

Watch the Rosewater Frosting Recipe Video here 

Bunny Face Decorations

The cake is frosted – now it’s time to get creative with the bunny face decorations!

Decorating ideas

Buy a few ingredients, such as desiccated coconut, marshmallows, liquorice logs and smarties, to decorate the cake and create the ultimate Easter bunny face! The desiccated coconut can be used to create the shape of the bunny face and ears. Carefully sprinkle the desiccated coconut in the shape of a circle, making the face, followed by two long ovals to act as the bunny ears. Once everyone is happy with the shape of the bunny face, chocolate-coloured smarties can be used as the eyes. Pink marshmallows can be used for the cheeks. The liquorice logs can be sliced into thin sticks to make the bunny whiskers. If you and your family are not big fans of liquorice, then you could always use chocolate melts as an alternative and pipe the whiskers on. Ultimately this is an activity where the kids can be creative and turn the cake into their very own creative masterpiece!

M&M Slice

What you will need:

-  Ingredients for M&M Slice

- A dozen small-sized Easter eggs

- Baking tin

- Blender

The following M&M Slice recipe is another Kim McCosker recipe with just four ingredients. It’s quick, easy, and simply delicious!


220g packet Arrowroot biscuits | 1 cup (190g) M&Ms | 400g condensed milk


1. Preheat oven 160˚C.

2. Line a 30 x 20cm baking tray with baking paper.

3. In a food processor or blender, process the biscuits until a fine meal results.

4. Pour into a large bowl.

5. Add the M&Ms and condensed milk and stir well to combine.

6. Scrape the mixture into the prepared tray.

7. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until just golden.

8. Cool completely before slicing to serve.

Watch the M&M Slice Recipe Video here 

Download the recipe here 

Easter Tip

After adding the mixture to the prepared try, ask one of your little helpers to decorate the slice with some small Easter eggs! Simply place a dozen small sized chocolate eggs, spaced evenly onto of the mixture, and lightly press them in. This will make the slice extra chocolatey and will be an absolute hit with the children. They will love this slice!

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