Bonus Visa Gift Cards

Receive a Bonus Visa Gift Card valued up to $150 when you purchase a participating laundry appliance. This offer is available via redemption.


Offer starts: 22/06/2020
Offer ends: 30/06/2020
Redemption cut-off: 10/07/2020


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Eligible Models

$150 Gift Card

$100 Gift Card
EWF1041ZDWA WTG1034WF, WV7-1409W, WH1060P1, SWT1154DCWA

$90 Gift Card

$80 Gift Card
WA1068G2, SWT8043

$70 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card
GV6840, WTG6520, SWF7025EQWA

$30 Gift Card
FV5648, HWF75AW2, BDV70WG

$25 Gift Card

$20 Gift Card
RHC800, GC2996/20, SR6851

  1. Electrolux 7.5KG Front Load Washer
    Electrolux 7.5KG Front Load Washer Model EWF7525DQWA
    Special Price $727.00 Regular Price $799.00
  2. Haier 8KG Clothes Dryer Heat Pump
    Haier 8KG Clothes Dryer Heat Pump Model HDHP80E1
    Special Price $1,249.00 Regular Price $1,349.00
  3. Simpson 8KG Top Load Washer
  4. Philips Powerlife Steam Iron
    Philips Powerlife Steam Iron Model GC2996/20
    Special Price $69.00 Regular Price $79.00