Buying an Electric Blanket: Features & Types

An electric blanket is an excellent solution to the problem of keeping warm in the winter. Head into a store to make a blanket purchase, however, and you’ll be faced with a plethora of options that can get a little confusing.

In this Betta Advice, we break down the various types of electric blankets, and the different features you should be looking for in them.

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Fitted Sheet

Like the name suggests, this kind of electric blanket slips over your mattress like a regular fitted sheet (which is then put over the top of the blanket), and warms up the whole bed.

Tie Down

Tie Down electric blankets still sit beneath you on the mattress, but they’re tied into place, rather than being stretched out like a sheet.


Unlike any of the others, this is an electric blanket designed like an actual blanket; that is, it’s made to be cover you. Throws come in different sizes, and are great for keeping warm on the couch.

Heat Pads & Cushion

These items contain similar heating technology to blankets, but are designed for more targeted heating. Their most practical application is for pain relief, warming an area of the body without the need to be manually heated first.

Features To Look For In an Electric Blanket


For whatever happens, a waterproof electric blanket is a sound way to protect your mattress. Waterproofing and an electric blanket can’t really co-exist as separate items on a bed, because of safety reasons.  If both features are essential, you need to invest in blanket with this feature, which keeps the waterproofing above the heating elements, minimising risk.


For a little extra comfort, a quilted electric blanket adds cushioning to the mix. Much like a regular quilted mattress protector, this is perfect for harder mattresses.

Fast heating

Anyone accustomed to older electric blanket models will likely remember needing to switch on the blanket well-ahead of bed time in order to get the right level of warmth. Newer models have a fast heating mode, which only takes around 5 minutes to warm the bed up to a comfy temperature.

Feet heating

What good’s a nice warm bed if your feet are still chilly? Look for dedicated feet-heating zones in a prospective electric blanket to ensure maximum comfort.

Detachable Controls

When it comes time to wash your electric blanket, the controls can be a little bit of a roadblock. Detachable controls make this a lot easier, which makes for a cleaner, fresher blanket.