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DeLonghi Chance to Win

Purchase a selected product for a chance to win!

Purchase a selected DeLonghi product during the promotional period and enter at for your chance to win 1 of 4 DeLonghi products

  • Offer Starts: 29th March 2021
  • Offer Ends: 30th May 2021
  • Redemption Cut-Off: 13th June 2021

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Eligible Models

KBOC2001R, KBOC2001W, KBOC2001BL,KBOC2001Y, KBOC2001O, KBOC2001AZ, CTOC2003R, CTOC2003W, CTOC2003BL, CTOC2003Y,CTOC2003O, CTOC2003AZ, CTOC4003R, CTOC4003W, CTOC4003BL, CTOC4003Y, CTOC4003O,CTOC4003AZ, KBOT2001BG, KBOT2001AZ, KBOT2001GY, CTOT4003BG, CTOT4003AZ, CTOT4003GY,KBIN2001W, KBIN2001BK, CTIN4003W,CTIN4003BK, KBI2001M, CTI4003M.