ChiQ 5 year Warranty

For a limited time, selected CHiQ televisions and fridges have a standard 5 year warranty via redemption!*

Simply purchase an eligible model and register your details and the standard 3 year warranty will be extended to 5 years!*

Promotion Period : 1st February 2020 and 31st July 2020


Eligible Models: 

L32H5, L40H5, U43H10, U50H10, U55H10, U58H10, U65H10, U58H7A, U65H7A, U75H9, U86H9, U43H6, U50H6, U55H6, U58H7, U65H7, CFD461WGCFD462BGCFD463WBG, CSS602WD, CSS601SD, CBM250S, CBM251W, CBM432W, CTM214B, CTM216W, CTM263W, CTM318B, CTM320W, CTM369B, CTM370W, CTM433B, CTM434S, CTM435W, CTM549B, CTM550W, CCF142W, CCF200W, CCF292W, CCF500W, CSF184S, CSF185W, CSF189S, CSF190W, CSH430B, CSH431W, CSR242W, CRTM211W, CRTM212R, CRTM213B


Additional Conditions:

These promotional warranty conditions are valid for any person who has purchased the Qualifying Product during the Promotional
Period in the Territory. The promotional warranty only applies to the purchase of new (not second hand) CH iQ products from CH iQ
AUSTRALIA or its authorized retailers .

The promotional warranty is only valid when accompanied by the original invoice, sales receipt or formal confirmation from CHiQ
Electronic (Australia) of the warranty period.

Subject further to the Standard Warranty Conditions, if the serial number of the product is defaced, missing or illegible, the warranty
with CHiQ Electronic (Australia) is null and void. In this case, you should contact the dealer from whom the product was purchased.



The same exclusions and limitations apply to the promotional warranty as are set out in the Standard Warranty Conditions.


Terms and conditions


  1. ChiQ Bottom Mount Refrigerator 432L
  2. CHiQ Chest Freezer 500 Litre
  3. CHiQ Freezer Chest 292 Litre