Bosch - Up to $200 Cash Back


Purchase a Bosch Series 8 pyrolitic oven, compact appliance or selected Bosch induction cooktop and receive $200 cash back via redemption!

Promotional Period: 5 February - 8 April 2018

Redeem before 10 June 2018

Click here to redeem

Eligible Models

Ovens: HRG6767S2A, HBG6767S1A, HBG6753S1A, HBG675BS1B, HBG672BS1A

Compact Appliances: CSG656RS1A, CDG634BS1, CMG656RS1A, CMG633BS1B, CTL636ES1

Induction Cooktops: PXV975DC1E, PXE875DC1E, PXX675DC1E, PXE651FC1E, PVS875FB1E, PIV995DC1E, PIV975DC1E

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