Bonus Betta Gift Cards on Panasonic Air Conditioners


Receive a bonus Betta gift card with the purchase of selected Panasonic split system air conditioners.

Offer valid from 24th December 2015 until 31st January 2016.

Participating models and bonus value:


Model Number Gift Card Value
CS/CU-Z9RKR $100
CS/CU-Z12RKR $100
CS/CU-Z15RKR $100
CS/CU-Z18RKR $150
CS/CU-Z21RKR $150
CS/CU-Z24RKR $200
CS/CU-Z28RKR $200
CS/CU-E9PKR $100
CS/CU-E12PKR $100
CS/CUE15PKR $100
CS/CUE18PKR $150
CS/CUE21PKR $150
CS/CUE24PKR $200
CS/CUE28PKR $200


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