Bonus Betta Gift Card October 2016

Purchase an eligible whitegoods product and receive a bonus Betta gift card!

Promotional Period: 13th - 31st October 2016

Redeem by 10th November

Click here to redeem

Eligible Models & Gift Card Amounts

Model Number Description  Gift Card Amount
WBE5300SA  Westinghouse 530L Bottom Mount Fridge  $150
HWMP95TLU  Haier 9.5kg Top Load Washer  $50
HWM85-B14266  Haier 8.5kg Front Load Washer  $50
HDW13G1X  Haier Dishwasher SS  $50
HDW13G1W  Haier Dishwasher  $50
HSBS628AS  Haier 629L Side by Side Fridge  $75
HTD635AS  Haier 631L French Door Fridge  $150
HCF143  Haier 143L Chest Freezer  $40
HCF264 WH  Haier 264L Chest Freezer  $40
HCF324 WH  Haier 324L Chest Freezer  $40
HCF524 WH  Haier 519L Chest Freezer  $40
RF521TRPX6  Fisher & Paykel 517L Top Mount Fridge SS  $100
RF522BRPW6  Fisher & Paykel 519L Bottom Mount Fridge  $100
RF522BRPX6  Fisher & Paykel 519L Bottom Mount Fridge SS  $150
RF610ADUSX5  Fisher & Paykel 614L French Door Fridge  $300
E388L / E450R  Fisher & Paykel Pigeon Pair  $300
DD60DAX9  Fisher & Paykel Double Dishdrawer  $100
DE6060G1  Fisher & Paykel 6kg Dryer  $25
DE8060P2  Fisher & Paykel 8kg Dryer  $100
MW513  Fisher & Paykel 5.5kg Top Load Washer  $25
WA7060G1  Fisher & Paykel 7kg Top Load Washer  $50
DN151130DJX  Beko 510L Top Mount Fridge  $75
WBE5360SA-R  Westinghouse 530L Bottom Mount Fridge  $150
GN162320X  Beko 631 Side by Side Fridge  $100
GF-L613PL  LG 613L French Door Fridge  $200
GS-L668PNL  LG Side by Side Refrigerator  $150
BIM25101XM / HIC64105X / CTB6250XA  Beko Cooking Package Electric  $100
BIM25101XM / HIMW64225SX / CTB6250XA  Beko Cooking Package Gas  $100
WVEP615S / WHI644BA / ERI512SA  Westinghouse Cooking Package  $200
WFE914SB  Westinghouse Freestanding Cooker  $100
LD1481W4  LG Dishwasher  $50
DFN28430X  Beko Dishwasher  $50
SMU50L05AU  Bosch Dishwasher  $75
SWF14743 / 39P400M  Simpson Washer Dryer Package  $100
WAW28460AU  Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer  $75
WD1408NPW  LG 8kg Front Load Washer  $100
WMY1048LB1  Beko 10kg Front Load Washer  $100
WMY8046LB2 / DV6120X  Beko Washer Dryer Package  $100
SWT5541  Simpson 5.5kg Top Load Washer  $30
WF-T6572  LG 6.5kg Top Load Washer  $30
SWT8542A  Simpson 8.5kg Top Load Washer  $50
WTG9530S  LG 9.5kg Top Load Washer  $50
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