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Zephyr + Stone x LG

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If you’ve ever upgraded an outdated appliance, you’ll know the feeling of gaining back time and sanity with the efficiency of a Smart technology upgrade. We’re talking appliances that do the thinking for you, remote operation with an app and voice activation…and that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Don’t believe it’s possible? We road tested the new LG Front Load Washing Machine and the results and features speak for themselves. So what should you expect when you’re ready for a washing machine upgrade? These are a few of our favourite things…

Hey Google “Start Washing My Clothes”

If you think we’re kidding you’d be mistaken. LG Smart ThinQ® technology means there’s a range of Google voice commands so you can do everything from starting and stopping a cycle, to checking the status or time left on your washer. So in theory, you can check how much time’s left until your kids need to empty the washing machine, whilst sitting on the couch eating cake. Just saying…

Remote Start

Even if you’re not technology savvy, you’ll appreciate LG’s ThinQ® app which gives you the power to start and monitor the progress of your wash while you’re on the go. Want the washing cycle to finish as you get home from work, no worries - switch it on as you

’re leaving the office. Now that’s impressive.

The Power of Steam

Our home like many has allergy sufferers to consider when choosing any home materials or appliances. No stress, LG’s got that covered too. Allergy Care and Steam cycles utilise the natural power of steam to reduce allergens such as dust mites, bacteria and pollen, removing up to 99.99% of Allergens. Now that’s great news and peace of mind for the health of your family. What’s more, as steam softens your clothes fibres, it can also help remove wrinkles #yespleaseandthankyou

Pause and Add

A common complaint with front loaders is the inability to add items once the cycle has started. Well that’s no longer an issue with LG’s ‘Pause and Add’ feature. You can now eliminate washing first world problems and add items mid-cycle. Pure genius right?

6 motions are better than 1

The new range of LG washers use a combination of 6 motions to thoroughly wash your clothes. Based on hand washing, these motions offer an outstanding wash, whilst caring for your clothes. Oh and we’ve actually tested the Hand/Wool cycle on our most intolerant and sensitive outfits…and it’s safe to say that in our house, traditional hand-washing is a thing of the past.

Intelligent Fabric Care

The LG new AI Direct-Drive assesses your load for weight and softness, and then selects the best option to ensure a thorough clean with reduced clothing wear. Finally a foolproof washing machine that looks after your favourite delicates

So when it comes to functionality, convenience and efficiency, the LG new range of washing machines seem to tick every imaginable box. Paired here with the LG 8kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer, it also looks super stylish doing so! So what do you think? Is your washing machine as smart as ours?

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