Zephyr + Stone X LG

Zephyr + Stone X LG

How To Choose A TV With Features That You’ll Actually Use
Author: Zephyr and Stone


 After building a new home, it was clear that one thing had to go - the old Plasma. But how do you pick a new TV when there are so many to choose from? And with technology moving so fast, what features should you expect

We wanted a TV that ticked all the boxes, but didn’t quite know what those boxes were. So we made a list -

Looks super sleek and stylish (that was me - for me)

Childproof menu navigation (also me - for the kids of course)

One touch buttons and Apps (yep - me too)

Colour Brilliance, Wide Display Angle, Image Clarity and Sound Quality (ummm, that was the other adult in the house)

Voice Activation (me again - because the possibility of something in the house doing what it was told sounded too good to be true)

The LG 65” Super UHD 4K Smart TV came up trumps. Long technical name right? So what does it mean and do exactly? We asked the same question and here’s what we found out…

Hey Good Looking.
Let’s be honest, first things first it had to look good! With open plan living meaning it’s front and centre in our home, minimal design and a sleek profile was a non-negotiable. The LG black frame blends perfectly with the flat screen so from a distance it appears to be one flat surface. Cords tuck away neatly behind so there’s nothing unsightly, and you can do away with set top boxes and other devices as it does the lot - apps, internet and all.

Tick, first box checked.


 Keep It Simple.
Next box to be ticked was usability (read: childproof menu navigation). So that was actually for me too…because let’s face it, the kids usually have it all worked out before I’ve even seen the remote, and who actually has time to read instructions? There was no need with the LG Smart TV technology. It’s simple to operate, with everything we needed at our fingertips. You can stream videos online, watch Youtube and search for your favourite scenes within seconds. Seriously, there’s even a Netflix button on the remote. #Genius  


Voice Activated.

Here’s that feature you don’t know you need until you’ve used it! By speaking into the remote, your LG AI TV can make suggestions for TV shows, movies or music it thinks you’ll like by learning your viewing habits and patterns. Can’t find something new to watch? Just ask your TV!

Google Assistant.
You can even ask your TV questions while you watch your favourite shows, and the answers appear on the screen. Now that’s convenient - LG what’s for dinner…unfortunately it won’t cook the meal for you…yet, but you can find recipes online. Plus the option of controlling smart home devices like temperature and lighting, all without interrupting The Block. Finally, a TV that has its priorities right!

Image Clarity.
Okay, my list is looking pretty good, but what about the other half? To get his tick our TV needed to be clear and sharp, especially for Sports and Movies. The LG UHD/4K resolution ensures that images are strikingly vivid. The Smart TV ticks that box with super-smooth fast moving images and reduced motion blur - perfect for watching Hawthorn win the Finals. Tick.


Colour Brilliance.
Superior colour goes hand in hand with picture quality, and thanks to something called SuperUHD TV and NanoCell Technology, you can expect eye-catching, super-intense colour. This results in a realism and depth onscreen that totally transforms your viewing experience.

Tick, tick and tick.


Wide Angle Display.
And what about when friends come over? The image needed to be clear, even for those sitting on the outskirts. LG has that sorted - the NanoCell Technology ensures the image remains consistent at wider viewing angles. No need to sit front and centre anymore - suddenly every seat becomes the best seat in the house.


Sound Quality.
It absolutely had to deliver on sound quality (I decided this was for me too). The LG has a powerful new Alpha 7 Gen2 Intelligent Processor - in a nutshell, expect a truly spectacular sound experience.


So there you have it - a TV that is so much more and ticks all the boxes, being both functional and technology savvy whilst looking great whether it’s turned on or off. Oh, and it’s available to shop at Betta.com.au

You’re welcome #thatsbetta