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Sunbeam’s New DiamondForce Electric Cooking Appliances

Sunbeam’s New DiamondForce Electric Cooking Appliances

What is DiamondForce™?

Unique to Sunbeam electric cookware, the DiamondForce™ coating is a diamond infused non-stick coating which can be found on the base of the pan. Each pan has a reinforced 2-layer coating that is up to two times more durable* than traditional non-stick cookware.

*Scratch tested and compared to traditional non-stick coating.

What are the benefits of DiamondForce™?

Sunbeam DiamondForce™ cooking appliances boast a range of benefits which include:

  • Non-stick cooking: your food does not stick to the pan’s surface so you can easily cook up your favourite dishes.
  • Less oil required: since the DiamondForce™ coating is non-stick, there is little to no need of cooking oil during cooking, resulting in healthier meal creations.
  • Easier cleaning: as there’s less oil used during cooking and your food is less likely to stick to the non-stick coating, DiamondForce™ electric cookware are easier to clean. A simple wipe down effortlessly removes grease.

DiamondForce™ Variety

In the mood for grilling meat, cooking pancakes, roasting a chicken or making a mid-week stir fry? Whatever’s on the menu, Sunbeam’s DiamondForce™ range caters to a wide range of cooking activities. Best of all, the variety of appliances means you can meet any type of cooking need from small meals to family dinners or entertaining friends.

Meet the DiamondForce™ Range

DiamondForce™ ReversaGrill BBQ Grill (HGM3000DF)

This electric grill features a reversable cooking plate with two different cooking surfaces: ribbed and flat enabling you to cook an entire meal from breakfast to dinner. Use the flat hotplate for your eggs, crepes or buttermilk pancakes, then easily flip over to grill your chicken skewers, beef burgers or steaks. It’s perfect for a big family cook up. And the best bit? The built-in drip tray easily catches excess oil, making your meal healthier and a lot less messy – especially if you’re grilling indoors. Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the spatula included.

DiamondForce 7.5L Wok (WWM7000DF)

The DiamondForce™ Electric Wok offers a 2400W heating element and a controlled thermostat, taking it a step above your traditional wok. The special non-stick coating means you only have to use a small amount of oil while cooking. You’ll be cooking like a pro in no time, whipping up Japanese pork stir fry or Chinese-style veggies for four, taking full advantage of the wok’s deep 7.5L cooking capacity. The included steam rack means you can easily turn your DiamondForce Electric Wok into a steamer. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and has an adjustable thermostat so you can cook to your accurate temperature. When dinner is over, tidying up will be a breeze thanks to the easy-twist detachable base, which allows quick release of the wok from its base for easy cleaning.

DiamondForce™ Banquet Frypan (FPM4000DF)

Cooking for a crowd? The DiamondForce™ Electric Banquet Frypan is here to give you a space-saving helping hand – perfect for when the cooktop’s just too crowded. With a large cooking surface, the electric Banquet Frypan is a must have for family dinners and entertaining friends. The deep pan design is ideal for cooking a range of large dishes like roasts, casseroles, stir fries and fried rice.

It features an adjustable thermostat to ensure accurate cooking temperatures and keeps your food warm while you’re busy entertaining.  The built-in tilt and baste lever lets you baste your food hands-free. Roast, stir fry, sear or reheat – the sky’s the limit. And best of all? The dishwasher safe pan means you can unplug the cord and place the frypan in the dishwasher for fuss-free washing.  

DiamondForce 25cm Skillet (SKM4000DF)

Easily create a range of dishes with this versatile 25cm Electric Skillet Pan which comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat to ensure accurate cooking temperature control. Cover the skillet for faster cooking or to keep food warm with the high-domed lid. Make family favourites like scrambled eggs or pancakes with the DiamondForce non-stick coating and effortlessly roast a chicken or transform the pan into a steamer for steaming vegetables using the high-domed lid.

DiamondForce™ Banquet Frypan & Skillet Set (PUM4000DF)

Can’t decide what dish to make or which cooking method to use? With the DiamondForce™ Electric Banquet Frypan & Skillet Set, you don’t have to choose. Enjoy the best of non-stick cooking as you cook eggs or crepes for breakfast with the skillet. When you need to feed a crowd, try favourites like stir fries or make casseroles with the spacious banquet frypan. Cooking and cleaning is made easy, as the frypan and skillet can be wiped clean with the pans being dishwasher safe as well.

DiamondForce™ 3-in-1 Digital Air Fryer (AFP4500DF)

Experience three appliances in one as you air fry, dehydrate and bake with ease. Equipped with six air fry presets (fries, bacon, seafood, veggies, poultry, meat), its versatility means not only can you dehydrate fruits and veg, you can also proof and bake bread. The 3-in-1 DiamondForce™ Air Fryer includes an additional rack for two-layer air frying, so you know everything will fit in the 5L basket (including a whole chicken!). And the best bit? The basket is coated with DiamondForce™ so you know your food won’t stick to the sides.

Your Chance to win the DiamondForce™ Range

Want to experience the DiamondForce™ range at home? You could win 1 of 5 Sunbeam DiamondForce™ Electric Cookware packs valued at up to $300. For your chance to win, simply purchase any Sunbeam appliance and follow the promotion instructions to go into the draw to win.

Enjoy incredible non-stick cooking performance and an easier way to cook, entertain and clean with Sunbeam’s DiamondForce™ advantage. To view more information on the DiamondForce™ appliances, simply click on the links below.