The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every year it seems to creep up on us and before we know it, it’s a couple of days before Mother’s Day and you still need to get mum something special! There isn’t anyone quite like your mum and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show her how much she means to you. So, this Mother’s Day why not get something that best fits the sort of mum she is. Not all mums are the same, that’s why we’ve come up with the perfect gift guide to ensure you pick the perfect gift to make her day!

Fitness Mum

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Whether she’s a runner, walker, cyclist or swimmer she means business when it comes to staying fit and healthy! Her health and well-being is important to her, so why not give her something that is going to look after her health, well after Mother’s Day is over. Whether she’s looking to track her fitness progress or create more nutritious meals we have everything your mum needs to achieve her fitness goals!

If a wholesome smoothie or a nourishing soup is what your mum is after, don’t look any further then the Sunbeam Multiblender. Its 3 speed settings and pulse function will make light work out of any meal.

If she is one to get outdoors and hit the pavement, consider the Fitbit Blaze the perfect gift for mum. It can track her sleep and heart rate, map her runs and will send notifications right to her phone, how good is that!

If your mum is more into healthy eating and is looking to mix up her meals the Kenwood Spiraliser is exactly what she needs! The Spiraliser will turn vegetables into noodles and ribbons for a healthy twist to her everyday meals.

This Kambrook Food Steamer is another perfect option, if your mum is looking for a healthy alternative to cook her meals. She can whip up nourishing meals in no time at all with the two tier steaming baskets.

 MasterChef Mum


She is a wiz in the kitchen and can create a masterpiece out of anything! Like magic she can whip up wholesome tasty meals in no time at all. Your mum, The MasterChef mum loves spending her free time creating new dishes and desserts for everyone to try and enjoy. This means she needs the proper tools to create her best work, so why not get her something that will make her job that little bit easier. From sweet to savoury, we’ve got you covered with these perfect kitchen appliances that are guaranteed to fuel the inner MasterChef in your mum!

Why not gift mum a Sunbeam Slow Cooker, to make every family dinner a breeze - it offers a keep warm setting and a wraparound heating element to ensure your food is evenly heated to make sure the perfect family dinner is created every time.

If your mum has a bit of a sweet tooth the Breville Bench Mixer could be perfect for her! This innovative mixer is an essential item in the kitchen for making delicious cakes, cookies and much more..

Another wonderful gift idea for your MasterChef mum is a bread maker. There is nothing better than warm fresh bread straight from the oven. If you’re looking to make mum’s baking experience a stress free one, you can’t go wrong with the Breville Bread Maker.

Beauty Mum

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 Even though she pampers everyone else in the family, this mum doesn’t mind having a little rest and relaxation herself. Mums rarely have the time to indulge and get pampered, so why not bring the pampering to her? Our gifts to help your mum look and feel her best will definitely not disappoint!

If your mum is on her feet all day you can’t go wrong with getting her theConair Foot Spa. With a soothing waterfall, bubbles and a heat feature she will feel like she is at the day spa in her very own home!

If your mum is more into the perfect hair-do, the Remington Shine Revival Dryer Pack may be just what she needs. The gift pack including a round brush, sectioning clips, shampoo, mask and a beauty pouch, so Mum will never have a bad hair day. Triple infused with keratin, argan and ceramic for strong, healthy hair your mum will be sure to love this when styling her hair. Or give her something that will transform her hair quickly and safely with the VS Sassoon Hair Straightener. A 30 second heat up and 10 temperature settings means she will have salon looking hair in a blink of an eye.

If your mum is someone that doesn’t have much time to do her hair the Remington Straightening Brush is perfect for her. Brush through your hair to effortlessly straighten in minutes, it almost sounds too good to be true!

Tech Mum

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 Technology isn’t just for the young ones, this tech savvy mum embraces all things to do with technology and makes the most of all her devices. Whether she is browsing the web, chatting to friends and family or watching her favourite TV series, your mum knows how to do it all with just the touch of a button.

Her movies and TV shows have never looked so good thanks to the TCL 50” Smart Netflix TV. The striking picture quality and sharpness will make her feel like she actually in the screen!

Not only can mum have the best picture quality, she can now experience true cinema sound quality with the Panasonic Sound Bar. It offers Bluetooth compatibility so it lets mum not only watch her favourite movies and TV series, but also lets her enjoy her music from her smartphone!

For the mum who loves her music you can’t go wrong with a Ue Boom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Whether she is wanting to entertain her friends or listen to her favourite songs, she never has to worry about needing any annoying cords connected.

The most important thing about Mother’s Day is making sure you show your mum how thankful you are. Putting extra thought into getting her a gift that she will cherish is one of many things to show her how special she is. If you still need help finding mum the perfect gift why not head in-store, online or browse our Mother’s Day catalogue for more great Mother’s Day gift ideas!