Karlie and Will X Fujitsu

Karlie and Will X Fujitsu

An Air Conditioner To Meet Functionality Without Compromising On Style
Author: Karlie & Will

Living in sunny Queensland, investing in an Air Conditioning system is considered essential for the household, not just a luxury. But which type of ‘AC’ system do you choose?

Ducted air conditioning is the most seamless and integrated option, however (predictably) it also comes with a hefty price tag. On the other end of the scale, portable air conditioners can be a cheap and useful way to survive a hot summer's day; but they take up a lot of floor space, have drip trays which need to be emptied periodically and require ugly ducting that connects the unit to the window above.

Like many others, we have opted for the option in the middle: a split system air conditioner, which provides ultimate cooling and heating conditions within a more budget friendly range. Most traditional split system air conditioners though, invariably still create an ‘eyesore’ in a room, due particularly to their bulky frames and ugly display screens.

But we have found the ultimate solution - a split system air conditioner which meets all of our practical requirements without compromising on style.

We are speaking of course about the Fujitsu 3.5kW Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System air conditioner.

So what features should you expect from this unit?

First things first - Style!

It seems inevitable that louvres and filters are always front and centre of AC units and ‘on show’ to you and your guests.  If you are anything like me, you silently swallow back bile contemplating just how much dust and skin debris is caught in the filter. 

Thankfully, Fujitsu have managed to create a sleek, subtle and slimline facade to suit almost any room aesthetic.  Designed to blend seamlessly into your room, the overall frame depth has been reduced to be less intrusive on the wall, it has smoother edges, and has a matte white finish rather than the standard gloss, to match your low sheen wall paint.  How has this not been a standard feature before!

All of these seemingly simple but high impact features earn the Fujitsu unit a big tick of approval from us. 

Automatic Timer, Delay Start & Delay End Features


The variety and choice of timers let you program the air conditioner around your lifestyle. 

For example, the weekly timer allows you to program timed settings for every day of the week to work in with your normal weekly schedule. The sleep timer on the other hand, utilises the inbuilt micro processor to gradually change the room temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.  This function prevents the air conditioner overcooling the bedroom as well as assisting to provide a comfortable, gradual temperature change before turning the unit off once you are asleep. No more drastic changes of temperature waking you up in the middle of the night! 


Kind to your Wallet, Friendly on the Environment and Reliable

Tick... tick... tick! 

We often refer to these three super important (but often overlooked) factors as the ‘golden triangle’ when comparing products or brands.  This trio of elements (i.e. Budget, Sustainability and Reliability) can be applied to any type of product to assess its overall lifecycle impact.  If a product cannot satisfy all three pillars, it does not belong in our house! It’s as simple as that. 

This air conditioner meets all of the above criteria. The 4.5 star rating supports households looking to be more environmentally conscious, converting to bigger savings in the long run with reduced running costs due to higher efficiencies. 

These efficiencies are realised through a number of ‘Energy Management’ features including the energy-saving ‘Economy’ mode function and the intelligent ‘Human Sensor’ technology which picks up movement in a room (or lack thereof) and automatically adjusts the temperature settings. 

And let’s not forget the fantastic warranty (5 years parts and labour) which provides peace of mind that the unit will continue heating and cooling your house for many years to come.


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