How to Host the Best Australia Day Party

How to Host the Best Australia Day Party

Australia Day is just around the corner. In fact, we can hear the slap of thongs as it walks closer and closer. Hosting an Australia Day party can be simple, all you need is to do is follow our 3 step guide to planning the perfect Australia Day;

    • Step 2: Make sure you have the right music and entertainment set-up

    • Step 3: Invite your closest friends or family

Betta can help you out with the first two steps from kitchen appliances to speakers, Betta is the one-stop destination for all your Australia Day party. Now all you need to do is invite your guests.

Step 1: Put together a tasty menu

As the cliché goes, there’s nothing more Australian than throwing some prawns on the barbecue. This Australia Day, invite some friends over and celebrate in the best way possible – by enjoying some barbecued prawns, steaks and sausages poolside.

With a variety of electric Barbecue Grills within the Betta range, you can cook a sausage in bread  that would rival even Bunnings’ famous weekend sausage sizzles. With barbecue grills from George Foreman and Sunbeam, your grilling will benefit from the range of heat settings, non-stick cooking surfaces and kettle-style lids offered by these portable grills. You can even use them to try our Herb And Garlic Crusted Steak recipe, which can be fully prepared and cooked in a matter of minutes and will surely earn the title of king, or queen, of the grill by your guests.

Australia Day Cream Cake Recipe

Come Australia Day, sweeten things up by making some traditional Australian desserts – like pavlova and ice cream cake. Whether you’re a passionate baker or a novice cook, anyone can tackle these iconic recipes – all you need are the appropriate kitchen appliances and tools. With electric mixers, food processors and ovens, you can enjoy the versatility and convenience Betta’s kitchen appliance range offers to your cooking process. For example, our Australia Day Ice Cream Cake recipe – which contains only 4 ingredients – requires a food processor to blend the Anzac biscuit crumb base and an electric mixer to beat the ice cream and lemon curd. That way, you can save time and effort with a little help from these simple kitchen companions.

Step 2: Make sure you have the right entertainment set-up

No celebration is complete without a good-time soundtrack to pump up your guests. Provide the perfect soundtrack to your party with some classic Australian music, like Midnight Oil and Crowded House. With portable Bluetooth Speakers available from UEJBL and more, you can listen to some of your favourite Aussie tunes from your Bluetooth-enabled device without the need for annoying cables. Compact in size, but big in sound, these portable speakers will take you on a sensory journey all day long without requiring charging and can rest easy knowing that they are made from water-resistant materials that make them suitable for use around the pool.

Have the perfect home entertainment setup

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows that you need to have some form of entertainment for when things start to wind down, or when the weather heats up and guests want to move inside where it’s air conditioned. It’s times like these, where you just want to relax with your guests, that you need the right entertainment set-up. Whether you want to sit down to watch a good old-fashioned game of cricket or perhaps the latest blockbuster, you can experience them in full HD with Betta’s range of LCD Televisions and Home Theatre Systems. Equipped with Smart capabilities that allow you to access streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, as well as various HDMI and USB ports that you can attach to external devices, you can watch some of your favourite home videos with your loved ones. The surround sound, satellite speakers and powerful sub-woofer will also ensure that high-quality audio accompanies the sharp visuals every time.

Step 3: Invite your closest friends or family

Now that we have provided you a step by step guide to plan the perfect Australia Day, don’t forget to invite your closest family and friends over to share in the great food, entertainment and company.

We hope these party ideas will help you throw the kind of Australia Day party that will earn legendary status for years to come. Regardless of whether you’re planning a chill outdoor barbecue with a few friends or a party for the whole extended family, there’s something for everyone within the Betta range. For all your Australia Day needs, we’ve got you covered, so browse our range Here.