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Hisense’s new range of V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Hisense’s new range of V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Hisense’s new range of V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Breathe Cleaner with HI-NANO Technology.

Having the right temperature in your home makes a world of difference between sweating through summer or freezing through winter. Keep your home and family comfortable all year round with Hisense’s new range of V Series Air Conditioners. The Hisense V Series are Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners, making them the ideal solution for homes all over Australia as they provide both cooling and heating from the one unit.

Hisense’s V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners are designed to deliver effective and efficient home comfort control. In a compact design with soft edges, the air conditioners are a beautiful addition for every home.

Key Technologies

  • Built-in Air Purification: These air conditioners feature air purification technology that utilises HI-NANO, a kind of efficient Plasma ions. Compared with ordinary plasma that generate ions 0.4~0.6 million/cm3, it can generate Ions 1 million/ cm3, which can effectively eliminate airborne bacteria within two hours of operation as well as the capacity to inhibit pollutants, such as allergens, moulds, pollens, PM 2.5, odours and more. Compared with ordinary plasma, it’s much easier on the environment and allows you to remove pollutants quickly so you can enjoy clean air every day.
  • Inverter Technology: V Series Air Conditioners are powered by Inverter Motors which put simply, can control the operating speed. As the speed and output energy is controlled, less energy is wasted, ensuring your cooling or heating is efficient.
  • Silver Ion Filter: The V Series Air Conditioners feature a Silver Ion Filter, which is an antibacterial device that helps to keep the air free from bacteria and impurities. The filter prevents the build up of mould and is 99.99% effective in preventing E. coli, and 97.14% effective at preventing S. aureus, which is more commonly known as Staph.

Sizes for all Spaces

No matter how big or small your space is, there’s a Hisense V Series Air Conditioner to suit! Whether it’s for the bedroom, lounge room or your apartment’s combined living space, there are five V Series Air Conditioners available, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one.

To determine the best air conditioner for your space, you need to look at the unit’s size and capacity. An air conditioner’s size is rated by its capacity, measured in kilowatts (kW). Bigger air conditioner units feature larger capacity to deliver higher energy outputs, for example, an 8kW Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is ideal for open plan homes.

The Hisense V Series range is available in five (5) models:

  • 2.5kW Cooling / 3.2kW Heating (HAWV9KR)
  • 3.5kW Cooling / 4.0kW Heating (HAWV12KR)
  • 5.0kW Cooling / 6.4kW Heating (HAWV18KR)
  • 7.0kW Cooling / 7.6kW Heating (HAWV24KR)
  • 8.0kW Cooling / 8.0kW Heating (HAWV28KR)

Modes for all Needs
Your cooling and heating needs may fluctuate. Fortunately, Hisense’s V Series Air Conditioners have been designed to meet your concerns with its range of operating modes.

  • Smart Mode: where temperature and fan settings are automatically set based on the room temperature.
  • Super Mode: enables fast cooling or heating when the unit is on.
  • Quiet Mode: the air conditioner operates with low noise performance.
  • Timer Mode: set in advance when you want the air conditioner on with ‘on timer’ and set when the air conditioner switches off with the ‘off timer’.
  • Eco Mode: the air conditioner uses lower running power for energy saving performance.
  • I Feel Mode: the remote’s built-in temperature sensor is activated and senses the surrounding temperature before the air conditioner adjust its settings to deliver maximum comfort. 
  • Sleep Mode: ideal for use as you sleep, sleep mode runs at low fan speeds and automatically stops operating after 8 hours.
  • Smart Self Cleaning: Hisense’s self-cleaning technology cleans and maintains the air conditioner so you can enjoy amazing air quality for longer.

Smart Connectivity

As the home becomes more connected, so too can your cooling and heating. Hisense V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners are smart enabled to make it easier to keep your home comfortable. 

  • Smart Control: once the air conditioner is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can operate the unit from almost anywhere, on your smart device. Using the ConnectLife App, you can monitor and control your heating and cooling by selecting modes and setting the temperature even before you get home.
  • Voice Control: when connected to the Wi-Fi, Hisense V Series Air Conditioners can be controlled via Google Home devices like your Google speaker. Just use your voice to set operating modes, adjust temperatures and more!

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner

There are many factors to consider when buying a new air conditioner. From vital considerations such as room size, power needs and must-have functions, choosing the right air conditioner is no easy task. To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up the 5 things to consider before buying your new air conditioner.

Be ready for any weather with Hisense. Make the move to stylish, smart and efficient all year cooling and heating with Hisense’s new range of V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners!

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