Five Smart Ways to Cut Down Washing Dishes by Hand

Five Smart Ways to Cut Down Washing Dishes by Hand

It is one of the most tiring household jobs there is. Most days it feels like there is a never ending pile that needs to be washed before you can start preparing your next meal. That’s why we have come up with five smart ways you can cut down how many dishes you need to wash by hand!

1. Own Fewer Dishes

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but believe it or not, the less you have to wash, the less time you will spend per wash. Owning fewer dishes and utensils also means that there are fewer opportunities to put off doing your dishes before your dish pile becomes too stressful.

2. Use One Cup per Day

By the end of the day, after you have had a cup of coffee, a few glasses of water and maybe a glass of wine it is amazing how many cups you will have stacked in your sink. Rather than using a new cup for every new drink you have throughout the day, try limiting yourself to using just one cup per day. This way you can either rinse or quickly clean your cup and let it sit on the drying rack until you need it later.

3. Wash as You Go

Not every dish or utensil you use needs to be left to soak before it is washed at the end of the day. To reduce your stack of dirty dishes try cleaning your dishes throughout the day. It will only take a minute to rinse and dry the cutlery and other meal accessories you no longer need. By doing this, you will see far less dishes piling up in your sink, making cleaning the dishes a far less stressful affair.

4. Cook More One-Pot Meals

There is nothing worse than cooking a meal and having a pile pots and pans left to clean after the meal is finished. To avoid this, try cooking one-dish meals like soups, casseroles or slow-cooked meals. These meals are specifically designed to use minimal pots, pans and tools, making your life so much easier when it comes to clean up time after your meal is finished. You can shop our great range of Slow-Cookers on our website if you are wanting to purchase your first one or upgrade your older model.

5. Re-use Tools and Bowls as You Cook

When cooking, most people will tend to grab a new measuring cup or spoon every time they need to measure out a new ingredient, making the dishes pile up very quickly. When cooking a meal, try to reuse tools and bowls as you go. All you need to do is wipe out any remaining liquid with paper towel to ensure you have accurate measurements, keeping in mind you are not using bowls that raw meat was previously in.

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