Drinking Your Breakfast

Drinking Your Breakfast: The Betta Guide

Let’s admit it: most of us get out of bed a bit later than we should. Because showering and getting dressed are pretty much non-negotiable, the morning necessity that usually gets cut out is a solid breakfast. If you’re lucky, maybe you can cobble something together. If not, it’ll have to be a bacon and egg roll on the road, or worse, skipping the meal altogether.

That’s where drinking your breakfast comes in. It’s nice and convenient and doesn’t require all that time sitting down that could be better spending snoozing the alarm clock. The issue, however, is the ready-made “liquid breakfast” stuff you get in the shops is usually loaded with sugar. That’s not the best way to start the morning.

The solution? Make your own!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="344"]Nutri Ninja The Nutri Ninja Food Processor[/caption]

Stop Juicing, Start Blending

To be clear, we’re specifically talking about blending a breakfast drink, not juicing it. Juicing your daily serve of fruit and veg is delicious and easy, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Take apple juice, for example. The regular juicing process will extract the sweet juice, with its naturally occurring sugar into a glass, but leave the fibre and many good nutrients behind in the pulp.

Not just any blender will do for this particular task, though. To avoid pulpy or even gritty drinks you need a powerful blender motor and blade that can blend ingredients, including pulp into a smooth liquid. That’s where the Nutri Ninja comes in – it’s an incredibly powerful food processor designed to break foods down as thoroughly as possible.

Fruit/Veg Balance

To keep your drinks on the healthy side, aim to include more vegetables than fruit in whatever you make. The vegetables are where the majority of your nutrients are coming from, whereas the fruit, with natural sugars, is there to sweeten the drink and make it easier to drink. You only need a small amount of fruit like banana, apple or orange to impart the sweetness that will make drinking your veggies a lot easier!

Some tips

Ultimately, the beauty of blending your breakfast lies in your freedom to mix it up.

    • Try blending your muesli, yoghurt and fruit – it’ll taste great.

    • Experiment with ingredients adored by the health crowd, like chia seeds, coconut water and cacao powder. A little addition of these helps pack in the goodness.

    • Take the time to package up the ingredients for single serves in little zip-lock bags, and store them in the freezer. In the morning, all you need to do is tip out the bag, add a little liquid, and you’re ready to go!