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How to use Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Options

How to use Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Options

Leave the credit card at home and avoid further debt with our range of Betta “Buy Now and Pay Later” (BNPL) payment options. Find flexible purchasing and interest-free payment options with Humm and Zip Pay. You’ll find aoption that will suit you and your lifestyle.  

How does Buy Now, Pay Later work? 

Whether you’re purchasing small items like a kettle or larger items such as a TV, Buy Now, Pay Later lets you take the product home, use it instantly and pay it off later! Flexible spending limits of up to $10,000 means you can purchase it when you need (or want) to.   

Choose to repay your amount in instalments either fortnightly or monthly, the choice is yours. And signing up for the process is easy! 

How do I apply? 

To use Humm or Zip Pay, you will have to meet the below criteria:   

  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident 
  • Be at least 18 years old  
  • Have a valid email address and mobile number 
  • Have good credit history with the ability to produce an Australian debit or credit card and other forms of ID 

Sign up either in-store or online via the website or on the app. With app operation, you can view your purchases, track repayments, and more, all in one place. 

Does your credit score get checked? 

When you sign up for Humm and Zip Pay, your credit score may get checked. This is to ensure you don’t already have bad credit history that may affect how you use and repay money 

Does using Humm and Zip Pay affect your credit score? 

If you use Humm, this won’t affect your credit score or leave a record on your credit file. Using Zip however, may leave a record on your credit file if you don’t meet your repayments.  

What’s the difference between Humm and Zip Pay?  

Click here to view a comparison of Humm and Zip Pay.

What are the best ways to use Buy Now, Pay Later payments? 

  • Stick to your budget and aim to only have one product on Buy Now, Pay Later services. This way, you don’t get caught with troubles when meeting repayments and potentially adding to your credit score.  
  • When setting up your BNPL service, ensure you set up with a debit card, so you’re using your own funds to pay repayments. This also helps you reduce credit card debt and the associated interest.  
  • Save BNPL for special purchases such as the laptop you’ve had your eyes on, instead of the weekly grocery run. This puts you in a better position to use BNPL with structure, while ensuring you don’t keep running into debt.  
  • Set calendar reminders for when payments are due, so you pay on time, thus avoiding late fees. This is especially helpful if you have various items with different repayment dates.  
  • Sync your repayments to match your payday. This means every time you get paid, a small amount of it gets deducted to cover your repayments – so you don’t have to do it!  
  • If you have the capacity to, pay off your repayments earlier. This is one step to more product enjoyment and less debt.  
  • Seek help – if you’re having trouble making repayments, contact your provider straight away to discuss what your options are.  

Upgrade your home appliances, gift your family and friends with the latest tech, or treat yourself.  Whatever the reason, buy it better at Betta with our Buy Now, Pay Later payment options.  


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