Unpacking Boxing Day Sales!

Unpacking Boxing Day Sales!

Maybe you’re thinking ahead, or perhaps you missed out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Say hello to Boxing Day sales! Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, Boxing Day sales and End of Year Sales are the optimal time to spend and save after Christmas.

Boxing Day sales get the most year-on-year increase when it comes to popularity and spending. In 2018, Australian Boxing Day sales increased by 7.5% on the 2017 sales. With no signs of slowing down, Boxing Day sales won’t disappoint, with an array of discounts and dirt-cheap bargains. Here we’ve shared some tips to ensure you’re ready for the Boxing Day sales.

What are Boxing Day Sales? 

Boxing Day sales start on December 26th, the day after Christmas. On Boxing Day, retailers heavily discount their stock to clear Summer items in preparation for new stock and seasonal products. In many cases, retailers also want to sell their excess Christmas stock. Many large chain stores operate on Boxing Day and online retailers have also joined in.

Many theories about Boxing Day’s origin exist. Historically, the day after Christmas was when employers gave employees bonuses in the form of money or leftover food and old clothing. These gifts were often gifted in a box, which is where many people think the name “Boxing Day” came from. Others think December 26th is called Boxing Day as it’s the day churches donate money collected from donation boxes to their charities of choice.

What type of specials can I expect during Boxing Day sales?

During Boxing Day sales, items could be reduced by hundreds of dollars or discounted by anything from 25-50% and more. The most popular, heavily discounted items are whitegoods such as fridges and washers, and electronics including TVs, soundbars, and cameras.

How long are Boxing Day sales on for? 

Generally, Boxing Day sales may run for a week, ending on New Year’s Eve.

How do i best prepare for Boxing Day sales?

- Do your online research first. Unmissable online deals mean you don’t have to endure with crowds and long queues.

- Set a budget you can stick to.

- Make a list to abide by. Buy what you need or what you missed out on during Christmas. Now’s also the best time to purchase January birthday gifts. Want to plan even further? Add educational supplies and Valentine’s Day gifts to the list.

- Know the sale start and end dates to avoid any disappointment.

- Do your research and have an idea of the retail price so you know if you’re actually saving or not when the sales start.

How do I shop like a professional during Boxing Day sales?

- If shopping online, start early from 6am before the high traffic period that occurs around 10am. Observe online retailers from lunchtime on Christmas Day for previewed offers.

- For in-store shopping, arrive before opening time so you don’t miss out on your desired items. This also means you’ll find a parking spot and can get out as quickly as you came in.

- Spend money you have and use any gift cards you received the day before. Go interest-free and avoid building credit card debt by using Buy Now, Pay Later services such as Humm and Zip.

- Check the exchange and refund policies before purchasing so you know you’re covered if anything changes.

- Dress light and wear comfortable shoes so you can easily shop all day. If you’re clothes shopping, opt for light clothes that are easy to change in and out of.

What makes the perfect Boxing Day sales gift?

As mentioned previously, Boxing Day sales are the perfect time to buy things you didn’t get for Christmas, early birthday gifts, and even items for school and Valentine’s Day. Purchase gifts for her or him, and even filter by price range with our Betta Gift Guide. From personal care products to small appliances, TVs, and cameras, there’s something for everyone!

Get ready, set, and shop! 

Now that you’re confidently prepared to make the most of this year’s Boxing Day sales, check your local store’s trading hours. Alternatively, shop any time of the day online - it’s that simple!