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17 Betta Cooking Hacks

17 Betta Cooking Hacks

According to statistics from 2014, Australians spend an average 6.1 Hours A Week On Cooking and lie within the top 10 countries around the world that spend the most time in their kitchen! One of the fun things about Cooking At Home is learning new ways to do things, especially when they can save us time. Some things we borrow from professional chefs, others just come down to good old fashioned ingenuity.

These kitchen hacks are designed to make cooking just that little bit simpler; some easy corners to cut for a richer result.

    1. Stop Potatoes Browning

      Peeling potatoes a few hours ahead of cooking them? Keep them in bowl of cold water to stop them from going brown.

    1. Ripen Bananas Faster

      Give green bananas a little help toward the finish line by keeping them in a paper bag. This traps the ethylene gas they produce, and helps them to ripen faster.

    1. Roll Out Cling Wrap Easier

      Sometimes, cling wrap can be a pain to unroll. Keep it in the Fridge Or Freezer, however, and it’ll roll out much more smoothly!

    1. Test the Freshness of Your Eggs

      Not sure how fresh your eggs are? Place them in a bowl of water. Fresher eggs will sink to the bottom of the water; eggs you shouldn’t eat will float on the surface.

    1. Peel Boiled Eggs with Ease

      For a smoother-peeling of boiled eggs: add a dash of vinegar to the boiling water, and then plunge them into a bowl of icy water when they’re done.

    1. Separate Egg Yolks without Breaking Them

      Use a dry water bottle to pick the yolk out of egg whites. Just squeeze a little of the air from the bottle, and place the opening over the yolk. Gently release to liberate it from the rest of the egg.

    1. Peel Garlic Quicker

      Peel garlic in a fraction of the time by crushing cloves with the flat side of a knife. The skin will come away much more easily!

    1. Slice Meat Simply

      For a thick cut of meat that needs dicing or fine slicing, stick it in the Freezer for about 30 mins. It won’t freeze soiled, but will be much easier to work with on the cutting board.

    1. A Quick Way to Soften Butter

      Who has time to wait around for butter to soften? Rather than microwaving your block, use a rolling pin to flatten the butter. More surface area means it’ll soften quicker!

    1. Measure Sticky Ingredients Easily

      Before pouring sticky ingredients into your measuring spoon or cup, spray a little canola oil into them. The sticky liquids will slide right off them and into your recipe!

    1. Stop the Chopping Board from Slipping

      Don’t put up with an unstable chopping board. Just slip a damp cloth or paper towel under there to hold it fast while you cook.

    1. De-salt Your Soup

      Soup too salty? Add a whole potato to absorb it, then remove before serving.

    1. Crispy, Crunchy Celery, Always

      Keep crispy vegetables In The Fridge wrapped in paper towels. This’ll help keep the crunch, and prevent them from going all limp.

    1. Perk Up Wilted Herbs

      Soak wilted herbs like parsley, coriander, and basil in an ice bath for a minute or two to shock them back to life. You can also keep them in a glass of water, like you would flowers in a vase.

    1. Cut Cakes Evenly

      For anyone who has ever butchered a birthday cake – a piece of flavourless dental floss (or fishing line) will perfectly cut through soft cakes and brownies, leaving perfectly even pieces.

    1. Reheat Crispy Pizza

      Pizza reheated might be even more delicious than Its Fresh-Out-The-Oven To keep it from going soggy, reheat it with a mug of water In The Microwave, or On The Stove Top with a non-stick pan.

    1. Prevent Freezer-Burn on Ice Cream

      Press a sheet of waxed baking paper onto the surface of your ice cream, and keep it there after every use. This will prevent nasty freezer burn!