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There's No Better Time to Buy Australian Made!

There's No Better Time to Buy Australian Made!

There's No Better Time to Buy Australian Made!   

When making a large purchasing decision for the home, most savvy buyers will have a check list of must-haves, whilst wanting to invest their hard earned dollars wisely! Like yourself, more and more Australians are becoming smarter shoppers, by researching the market, making price comparisons, and more importantly buying Australian made. 

Buying a new mattress for example, is a big purchase decision that requires more than just choosing your size and budget. In-fact, a good mattress is a critical investment into your sleep, health and wellbeing. It goes without saying, that overall comfort and back support is typically high on the priority list when choosing the right mattress for you -  It’s a no brainer! But if quality, craftsmanship and product satisfaction is also on your shopping list, you can’t look past an Australian made mattress, and here’s why.


1.      Built to Australian Standards

One of the major benefits of Australian made, is that an Australian made mattresses has been designed to suit the Australian consumer and lifestyle. For example, some mattresses may be approved by national health bodies to benefit people with chronic illnesses such as asthma and allergies. Australian made mattresses have been cleverly designed using breathable fabrics and technology to help regulate body temperature control, and minimise overheating for a more comfortable night’s sleep, (particularly useful during our typically hot summers).  Foreign made mattresses in comparison, may not meet the same Australian made manufacturing high standards, which may result in inferior workmanship, compromised quality, and poor customer satisfaction.


2.      Quality & Craftsmanship 

Did you know ALL Australian made mattresses are made by hand?  Yes. Each mattress sold here in Australia has been carefully manufactured ensuring the highest of standards are met under the current Australian guidelines and regulations. Built to last, Australian made mattresses are a wise investment when it comes to quality materials and standards, all made with superior attention to detail.


3.      Reduce Your Environmental Footprint 

Purchasing an Australian made mattress helps reduce your carbon footprint. Because each locally made mattress is made here in the country, this offsets and reduces the large amount of energy and greenhouse gases that are emitted, when importing from overseas.


4.      Australian Guarantee & Warranty

When you buy an Australian made mattress, you get consumer protection that’s covered by Australian law. As a consumer, you get quality assurance and peace of mind, that is backed by a longer guarantee and warranty periods with help and service from local mattress manufacturers. On the other hand, buying a mattress produced overseas may attract a shorter product warranty.


5.      Support Australian Jobs 

Who doesn’t want to support Australian made products, when it means supporting our economy and local businesses?  Buying an Australian made mattress helps keeps manufacturing in the country and Australians in jobs! Many Australian mattress companies are locally run by families, with the business passed down through generations with decades of experience.  It’s no question that supporting Australian made mattresses will help you sleep better at night.



What mattress brands are made in Australia?



With over 130 years of experience, Sealy is Australia’s much-loved mattress brand. Hand crafted and engineered to perfection, over the years Sealy have set the standard when it comes to the mattresses Australians choose to sleep on. 

Get the sleep you deserve with Sealy’s Casina mattress range. Constructed with premium fibre blend quilt layers and supported by cushioning foam, the Sealy mattress provides superior performance and longer lasting comfort as you rest. The simulated pillow top creates a cloud-like sleeping surface. Sealy’s Casina mattress is available in a range of sizes including King Single, Double, Queen and King, with a variety of comfort levels including Plush, Medium and Firm.



Proudly Australian made, SleepMaker have been manufacturing mattresses for over 80 years. SleepMaker, through all facets of their business, work to deliver purely local-made mattresses to meet Australian standards. 

Rest easy and get the support your body needs with SleepMaker’s Spinal Care mattress range. Its core support system ensures all parts of your body can relax while also helping you achieve spinal alignment. The multiple comfort layers help reduce tossing and turning so you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep all night. SleepMaker’s Spinal Care range is available in various sizes including Single, King Single and Queen.



Family owned and made locally in Australia (and New Zealand), King Koil are part of the A.H.Beard brand, who have been operating for over 120 years. King Koil is the first Australian chiropractic-approved mattress and continues to provide excellent spinal support for Australians. 

If you or a family member needs extra spinal support, you can’t look past the King Koil Quartet mattress range. The Quartet features King Koil’s advanced comfort technology including AeroComfort which provides pressure relief, comfort performance and breathability for a good night’s sleep. The Gel Infused Memory Foam conforms to your body to help relieve pressure and pain and it’s perfect for those with allergies and asthma as the mattress is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia. The Quartet is available in Queen size with comfort levels of either Plush or Medium.


At Betta, we’ll help you find your perfect mattress to ensure you get the rest and sleep you deserve. Our stores are stocked with leading Australian brands offering a great range of sizes and prices to suit every budget. Visit our friendly team in-store or shop online today!

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