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Air fryer tips, tricks and recipes hacks

Air fryer tips, tricks and recipes hacks

Some might say the air fryer is ‘the best invention since the refrigerator whether it’s a gift, the appeal of the low-fat cooking, or you simply love to experiment in the kitchen, an air fryer should definitely be on your wish list. 

From hot chips to chicken breast to spring rolls, there’s an array of food and meals you can cook in an air fryer. Get the best out of your air fryer’s cooking with our air fryer tips and tricks.  

How does an air fryer work? 

High temperatures, combined with maximised air flow, deliver heat that will deliciously cook your food. Enjoy creations that have been cooked evenly and precisely with advanced sensor technology that eliminates cold spots. Many air fryers feature automatic functions to suit a range of purposes and give you a varied temperature range so you can control your cooking. 

How do you use an air fryer and how much oil do you need to use? 

Very little oil is required when cooking with an air fryer. For example, home-made chips and potato wedges may only require up to a tablespoon of oil (15ml). Frozen snacks such as spring rolls, chicken nuggets, chips, and fish fingers may not need oil at all as they have oil in them already. Baked items such as cakes may only require the appropriate tray and some baking paper 

All suggestions of oil usage may vary by manufacturers, please consult your air fryer manual.  

Is air fried food healthy? 

In comparison to oil frying, air fried food is much healthier due to its low concentration of oil. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite deep-fried foods without all the fat and guilt. Air frying, however, is still not as healthy as steaming, boiling, or grilling.   

What can you cook in an air fryer? 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. The air fryer is such a versatile kitchen appliance that there’s always an occasion you could use it for. An air fryer can cook almost anything you can fry and more! From classic fried foods to party pleasers and more elaborate dishes, the air fryer will surprise you with its cooking abilities.   

Expand your cooking possibilities and try out your air fryer with these dishes today!* 


Air Fried Mac & Cheese 

Lobster Tails  

Corn on the Cob  


Hard Boiled Eggs  

Toasted Nuts or Seeds  

Square (oven-like air fryers can cook a whole pizza or roast a whole chicken) 


French Toast  

Chocolate Cake  

Cinnamon Rolls  

Molten Lava Cake  

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie  


Apple/Banana Chips  

Air Fried Donuts 

*Recipe variations exist, we recommend you follow one that suits your dietary requirements.  

How do I optimise my time using an air fryer?  

Pre-heat the air fryer like you would any other oven to ensure even heating for the best cooking results.  

While the basket and tray may be non-stick, spray or spread some oil on it to avoid your food accidently sticking to it. Avoid using aerosol cooking sprays, as elements in them may damage non-stick coatings and instead use cooking oil in a spray bottle.  

For mess-free cooking and simple clean-up, line the basket or tray with foil or baking paper.  

Don’t stack large items like steak and pork chops as they will end up soggy and colourless. Cook in batches if you need too.  

Don’t overcrowd your air fryer basket. Adequate spacing helps air circulate evenly, ensuring golden crisp results. This is especially ideal for potato chips, diced vegetables, and other smaller items.  

If you toss spices on top of your dishes, the air circulating in an air fryer will blow them away. Instead, mix spices with oil before brushing them onto items.  

During the cooking process, shake the basket a few times to ensure everything cooks evenly. The air fryer can stay on, just take the basket or tray out and shake (or turn items over).  

Add water to the fat tray to prevent smoking. When cooking fatty foods, grease and oil may drip down and run the risk of burning. Adding water prevents any burning residue.  

Give your air fryer some space around it. This ensures there’s air flow, so it can operate effectively without overheating. The recommended space surrounding the air fryer is 5 inches all around 

What types of air fryers are available?  

Many traditional air fryers are circular in nature with a detachable bottom tray that looks like it’s operated by a handle. These will easily air fry all your most-loved fried snacks with space to cook steaks and vegetables or bake cakes.  

More recent models have the design of a small tabletop oven. These rectangular air fryers feature varied cooking functions including bake, grill, and pizza.  

Say goodbye to unhealthy fatty and oily fried food! With an air fryer by your side, you’re one step closer to cooking up deliciously healthy, low-oil snacks and meals. Versatile in its own right, an air fryer will cook more than you ever thought possible. The perfect kitchen appliance, every home needs one! 

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