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Ahmed Kelly's Road to Tokyo

Ahmed Kelly's Road to Tokyo

Here at Betta Home Livingsupporting our local communities is an important part of our DNA, and we are proud to extend this support to inspirational individuals within our community. We recently worked with Ahmed Kelly, following him on his journey to the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games. The below videos were filmed before the pandemic and we feel that it is still important for us to share them with our community. 


Episode 1 – Introduction 

In the first instalment of the series, we are introduced to Ahmed and his early history before coming to Australia, and how growing up as an orphan with a disability has shaped the person he is today. We also find out how he was introduced to the world of Paralympic sport.



Episode 2 - Training 

 “My mentality is to try and do everything possibly right in the training period, so when I come to the competition I’m feeling as prepared as possible” – Ahmed Kelly 

In Episode 2 we hear from Brad Harris, Ahmed’s professional swimming coach of 11 years. Harris has been coaching Ahmed since 2009 when Ahmed decided he wanted to take swimming to thnext level. He talks about the challenges he faced at the beginning of their partnership but also how Ahmed’s passion and determination continually inspires him to become a better coach.  



Episode 3 – Training for the Paralympic Trials 

In Episode 3 Ahmed reminisces on his first Paralympic games and the challenges he faced transitioning from a long-distance swimmer to a sprinter. 

“I ended up making the team and it was such an amazing feeling to be part of the 34 athletes going to the 2012 Paralympic Games.”  

Ahmed addresses his preparation leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games Australian trials. He talks about how training, executing his skills and remaining is a positive determined mindset will hopefully give him the opportunity to represent Australia one more time. 



Episode 4 – ACT National 

We hear from Yuriy Vdovychenko one of Ahmeds coaches about his training, progression, results and their preparation leading up to the trails. We also see Ahmed compete at the ACT nationals. Post-race he discusses his results, mindset and goals for the Paralympic Trials. 



We look forward to continuing to support Ahmed Kelly on his journey to the 2021 Toyko Paralympic Games.