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Powerful Cordless Freedom | Helping you make light work of housework

Enjoy cordless cleaning freedom with LG’s new range of A9K Kompressor™ Stick Vacuum Cleaners.


Make a Bold Statement with Dark Stainless Steel

Make a bold statement with the trend taking over the appliance market – dark stainless steel.


Convection Microwaves: Better Cooking

Microwaves are a blessing in disguise and will often be your most-used kitchen appliance, helping you reheat meals, defrost frozen items or to cook when you’re tight on space in the kitchen.


Breville Barista Pro Review | Adore Home Magazine

Author: Adore Magazine

Making an amazing cup of coffee is easy with the Breville Barista Pro. When you fully master the settings you can make coffee that outshines any local cafe and all within the comforts of your own home.


Discover Your Perfect Big Screen TV

With the TV market is constantly changing, purchasing a TV can rapidly become an overwhelming experience. 

With the latest big-screen TV’s hitting the market, our guide below will help you to find the best TV for you to feast your eyes on!