7 Safety Tips for Small Appliances

Clean the Filters

Any appliance with a filter of any kind should be cleaned regularly. This includes everything from the air conditioner to the rangehood. Cleaning or emptying some things is easier than others, like the lint filter in the dryer.

On top of these appliances, dust that collects around fan/light combinations should also be kept clean, as it can post a fire risk.

Keep Cords Short

Most appliances have short cords on them. This is not a design feature for inconvenience, but for safety. The shorter cords mean reduced chance of tripping, or of knocking the appliance over.

small appliance care 

Keep Appliances Away From Water

Speaking of short cords, never dangle them over water in a sink, or any other body of water. Though sealed, cords should be kept dry at all times. This rule also applies to the appliances; keeping them beside a body of water is a dangerous idea, and should always be avoided.

Check Frayed Cords

Frayed cords on any electrical device pose risks of fire and electrocution. Avoiding extreme bending of cords should help prevent fraying and cracking of cords.

Don’t Repair Them Yourself

For when cords are frayed, or for any other mechanical, electrical or electronic issues, DIY repair is never advisable! Even if a particular issue on a small appliance may seem easy to fix, doing so could cause further electrical problems in the future. To be safe, always have small appliances repaired by a professional.

Stay Nearby

Even if a small appliance, like a blender, doesn’t need to be manually operated, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. Setting an appliance to work while unattended, even for a minute, is a dangerous proposition, especially when there are curious children about.

Retro Appliances

Many people have one or two funky old appliances from last century still sitting in the cupboards. The adage goes: “they don’t make ’em like they used to” and it’s true. Though retro appliances may still work after 20 or 30 years in the home, they don’t adhere to the same electrical standards newer ones do. 

If using older appliances, operate with caution, or have them checked out by a professional before continuing use. 

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