What appliances should I buy for a new home?

Moving into a new home is a mammoth task, particularly if it’s a family’s first. There are some big purchases that need to be made, that’ll stay with the home for years to come. The big three of these are the fridge, the washer and the dryer. For buying each of these, we’ve written extensive guides, but moving into a new home also demands a few other appliances. Sometimes these can be overlooked, or considered down the track. However, they can make a big difference when life is dominated by unpacking, connecting utilities and generally setting up a new house!

Slow cooker

The early days in a new home for many people mean a lot of takeout food. But for nights when pizza just won’t cut it, a slow cooker is great for cooking a one-pan meal with very little effort.

 It’s as simple as popping ingredients in, and letting the meal cook as you come and go throughout the day!

Slow Cooker 

Reverse Cycle AC

Moving in the months where the temperatures shoot up or drop down can be real trial, especially when a home doesn’t have proper air conditioning.

Rather than spending money on small appliances, like heaters or fans, it’s well-wroth prioritising a reverse cycle air conditioner. As they can both heat and cool, the new home will be covered in all climates.

  Air COn


Constant shifting of boxes and furniture can make a mess, especially with dirt and dust tracked in from outside. To save endless sweeping up, a high-quality vacuum is absolutely essential.

It’s another time saver for the home, because cleaning will need to be more frequent and, of course, new home owners have much more important things to worry about than the state of the floors.



Don’t overlook the value of a cup of tea amidst all the work a new home entails! The humble kettle is a low-cost way to keep one sane in the hustle and bustle of the move.


Electric Frypan

For the early days where a stove might not yet be connected, there’s the electric frypan to make breakfast, lunch and dinner easy. Even with a functional stove, it’s still a great appliance to have.

The precise temperature control and portability makes it great for cooking finicky dishes, like paella!

Electric Frypan

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